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Build Great Teams That Do Great Things

Finding the right people for your team is tough. Making sure they know what to do and want to do it well is even tougher.

I’ve learned some strategies over the years that make the whole process easier, more fun, and offer more successful outcomes.

I’d love to show you how. I work with leaders and organizations to build great teams that do great things. You can hire me to speak, train your team, or coach you as an executive, pastor, or business owner.

  • Learn To Be A Great Quitter

    Often, the hardest words for me to hear are contained not, so much in the following words but more so in the realization of their real truth: “Be A Quitter”.  Historically, I’m not a great quitter. Usually, I persevere, push and grind through. Not quit. Most Things Work Out Let’s face it, most of life […]

  • A Healthy Identity and Positive Habits

    I came across this podcast today. It was too good not to share so I did the next obvious thing, shared it with you and some other cool peeps 🙂 Anway, after that, I did the next not so obvious thing. I cut this quick loom video. Lastly, I’m now doing probably the least obious […]

  • What Is Work?

    Seems like a simple question, but really think about it. What is work? Why do we work? What do we get out of working? Work is an extension of time. Why work unless it gives you more time? Work can give you security, too It really is a lever you can use for more time […]


Husband. Father. Entrepreneur. Follower of Jesus.

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