2020, Faith, Perseverance and the Good Fight

2020 has been insane. Of coarse, any human who is alive and has a mental capacity greater than that of a 3 year old would read that opening sentence and immediately whisper “Um, news flash, tell me something I didn’t already know.”  This year has really taught me a lot. It’s stretched me in waysContinue reading “2020, Faith, Perseverance and the Good Fight”

Owner Mentality

I observe that there are generally only two responses to any given circumstance:  Act or React.  We live in a world where everything is happening on-demand. Notifications, pings, alerts, likes, shares, comments, swipe, scroll, click, pick, pay…. It’s exhausting.  I think it’s conditioning us all to react. The machine is getting better and better atContinue reading “Owner Mentality”