You can change the world with one great team.

My Mission – Your Opportunity

I want to help those who want to help others: business owners, pastors, leaders, parents, etc. all pour out their time and talent for the benefit of others. I want to come alongside as a partner, investor, speaker, and friend to encourage and perhaps help equip you along the journey.

About Chad

I currently reside in the major metropolis and our hometown of Bridgecreek, Oklahoma where “Yes, Sir” and “Yes, Ma’am” is still expected, where doors get opened for folks, and where the word you gave someone still means something.

I have lived both sides of the coin of life. I have had the greatest blessing in massive battle – being blessed beyond measure and burdened beyond belief.

The first half of my life revolved around trauma, abuse, neglect and addiction.  And I have a great affliction collection for all those who have been evilly afflicted because I know too well how hard it is to break the cycle. 

The second half of my life I’ve had the blessing to have a beautiful supporting wife and three amazing children!  I was fortunate enough to meet my best friend and now my wife and mother of my three children when I was fifteen, and we’ve had a blast raising our family.

At 35 years old I’ve had the rare dichotomy of knowing what it’s like to try to fix an addict and also knowing how it feels to be invited to a board meeting to contribute in places you never thought you’d be. I’ve had many successful business ventures and generated over a $120M dollars in top line sales between six different companies over the last fourteen years. At one point I was able to buy a Class A Motor Home and spent a better part of three years on the road with my family experiencing pure unadulterated freedom. 

But I would say despite all those blessings, there’s still a special place in my heart for all those who are broken, who are battling, and who are burdened because my own life has been a testament to the fact that sometimes all the helper needs is a little help. 

So no matter what happens from now until the end of my time on this earth and despite how high the peaks or low the valleys, I hope to commit my talents and my time to helping those who want to help others. Because nothing I’ve ever done is quite as fulfilling as that simple act, and you never know when an ounce of your help will make a ton of difference in another person’s life.


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