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Often, the hardest words for me to hear are contained not, so much in the following words but more so in the realization of their real truth: “Be A Quitter”.  Historically, I’m not a great quitter. Usually, I persevere, push and grind through. Not quit.

Most Things Work Out

Let’s face it, most of life works out well. Actually, quite incredibly well if you take a moment to think about it. Is your head up and are your toes down? If so, there’s a prime example. Do you have eyes that see, ears that listen, food in your belly, a roof over your head? I’d bet your car also starts, you’ve got plenty of clothes to wear and a mailbox that also does its job. Nature, by nature, takes care of most of the work, all by itself.

It works with or without you and with or without others.

Does It Serve You Well?

But just because these things continue to work wildy well doesn’t mean they serve you or others.

It’s true with little subtle things, like lying on the couch as you numb your mind to Sportscener with SVP to fall asleep, every single night. It works surprisingly well with more complex things, too. Like people you still hope may change “one day” and battles you wish you could’ve won or taken back.

These are just a few of the infinite number of programs out there, silently and subtly working quite well, in the background. In a rather natural and uninterrupted way. 

Find Your Greatest Form Of Doing Good

Perhaps this is why it’s so important to constantly place the things and thoughts of your life on the alter of truth, and ask yourself if this one single natural thing, good or bad, is in the way of finding your greatest form of good.

Sometimes, if you consider how well most things work, then you’ve got to inspect what things you’re allowing in your life. After all, there’s only enough time for so many things. You want to pick only the best and slough off the rest.

What Do You Want To Give Your Time To?

Time is the scarcest and most valuable resource of all. So the real question then becomes what do you want to give your time to? For me, it means I shouldn’t just be a quitter. I should learn to be world class at quitting things that prevent me from turning time into my greatest form of good. 

Quit Going Alone

Author Application: 

  1. I have one single goal and action item: Quit Going Alone! 

That’s it. Just one. Nothing more. Because by nature I realize I have a very strong tendency to go fast and alone. Particularly when the pressure is high or the problems mount. So I’m going to stop going alone. I’m going to be a “real – quitter” this year. 

New Truth Statement: No matter where I go I first realize the only places worth going are with God and with others. I always go, together. With God first and with his other children. 

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