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I came across this podcast today. It was too good not to share so I did the next obvious thing, shared it with you and some other cool peeps 🙂

Anway, after that, I did the next not so obvious thing. I cut this quick loom video.

Lastly, I’m now doing probably the least obious thing: I’m asking you to do do yourself a favor and do the work.

Invest the 23 minutes of your life to watch both videos. I did it today, and you can, too.

I promise you’re not too busy. The world will continue to orbit while you watch and think about who you want to be.

If you do this work and it doesn’t work then I’m sorry, you wasted 23 minutes of your life.

However, if you do the work and it works, well I guess I’m not sorry after all.

Leadership is a choice. Winning is a choice. Habits are a choice.  

There’s no way around the work, and it’s all your choice.

Thanks for being a part of our ability to dream and a member of our early teams.

Let me know what you think about this podcast, and who you want to be this year!

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