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Seems like a simple question, but really think about it.

What is work? Why do we work? What do we get out of working?

Work is an extension of time. Why work unless it gives you more time?

Work can give you security, too

It really is a lever you can use for more time or security.

Actually, work is a platform – a lever you can pull for more time AND security.

Change Your Mindset

In my own journey, I created a whole lot of security by working so hard. But no time. I got burned out. It was not fun.

But I’ve learned recently that I can have both – security AND time.

However, I’ve had to let go of a lot of things to to get here. I’ve had to change my mindset. Dig deep into thinking about identity and purpose. You know, the hard work of self and meaning.

Fear & Love

It may not initially seem as obvious, but I’ve come to understand that the motivator of either fear OR love leads to completely different outcomes.

I was working out of fear.

I’m moving towards working from love now.

Love involves a motive for “other.”

It’s grounded in peace, hope, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control. All the good things. I want more and more of that in my life, and I believe the work I put my hand to can produce an abundance of that if that’s where I start from.

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