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There are three core functions in any business: 

Get Work 

Do Work 

Get Paid 

The key to any successful enterprise is to do these three as efficiently as possible. 

A major contributing factor to this accomplishment is ownership. 

The reality is and will always be that these three functions within an organization are always at odds with each other. 

Although all three functions are of critical importance, this does not mean that they are all equal. 

Just as not all problems are created equal, not all functions of a business are either. 

Get Work

Get work is the ability to generate revenue also known as sales. Revenue is the oxygen of a business. Without it the organization dies or seized to exist in the first place. 

Everyone on the team should have a healthy respect for the significance of get work. It’s what ensures that the next two exist. 

Do Work

Next is do work. This is how you deliver the work that is gotten. If you’re world-class here, it has a transcendent effect on the other two along with the team and with clients. 

If you Do-Work at a world class level, you will have delighted customers and gain a scalable business. 

Get Paid

Last but not least is get paid. Ultimately, you can get and do work at a world-class level, but if you’re not getting paid it’s all for not. 

For an organization to function well there must be a balance of capital, both human and financial in these core functions. 

Take a look around. Are you out of balance? It’s okay. Just do the next right thing to ensure you’ve got the right mix to make your business work without you. 

At the end of the day that should be the goal of every business owner. Most amount of money for the least amount of work – but it must be excellent work.

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